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CISCO Certified Network Associate

Course Modules

Interconnecting Cisco Network
Devices (ICND 1)

1.0 Network Fundamentals
2.0 Implenting Basic Ethernet LANs
3.0 Ethernet LANs:Design, VLANs, and Troubleshooting
4.0 IP Version 4 Addressing and Subnetting
5.0 Implementing IPv4
6.0 IPv4 Troubleshooting
7.0 IPv4 Services:ACLs, NAT and DLCI

Interconnecting Cisco Network
Devices (ICND 2)

1.0 Ethernet LAN
2.0 IPv4 Routing Protocols
3.0 IPv4 Service: QoS
4.0 IPv4 Routing and Troubleshooting
5.0 IPv6

Certified Trainer

  • To reap knowledge, skills and technology advancement in the fast changing field of ICT
  • To validate knowldge and build career credibility
  • To broaden opportunities and be hireable in the IT firms
Commencement date of training
  • 9th September 2019
Duration of training
  • 6 consecutive days
  • Monday-Thursday/Saturday
    (8:30AM - 4.00PM)
Course Fee:$2400 per pax
Subsidize up to 30%
(Terms and conditions apply)
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