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Student Council Handbook

Welcoming Remarks

First of all, let me congratulate the Student Council members for being elected by the Kolej students to represent them in voicing their issues and concerns and communicating them to the Kolej Management for their appropriate actions.

This means that you have accepted the responsibilities and challenges that are inherent in the discharge of such duties. For example, it is normal that you will experience frustration and demotivation in carrying out your tasks as the Council members because decisions made by Kolej Management are not as ‘quick’ as or not as ‘positive’ as you would expect. This is partly contributed to the fact that not all decisions are based on rationality. A lot of decisions have to be made on political ground.

It is hard for inexperience office holders (including the members of the Student Council) to accept the reality of political decisions. This is understandable because they normally have limited knowledge and short-term perspective on the implications of organisational decisions. It is for this reason that Kolej Management is encouraging the participation of students in decision making by giving the Council members the opportunity to learn democratic process as well as exercise leadership skills in the management of student affairs.

We hope that the information provided in this booklet is of use for the Council members to operate effectively in the management of student affairs. It is also hoped that the opportunities provided by Kolej Management through Student Council activities will help improved their leadership and management capacity for the benefit of Kolej IGS in particular and for organisations you are going to work with generally after your graduation.

I wish everyone the very best in this undertaking.

Dr. Azaharaini Bin Haji Mohd Jamil
Chief Executive Officer
Kolej International Graduate Studies

Congratulations on being chosen to be part of KIGS College Students’ Council (SC) and I welcome you on board with great hope and expectations that you will be able to carry out your duties and responsibilities diligently and reliably for the greater good of every single one of the students within the college.

I encourage any one of you within the Council particularly those in the leadership positions to be proactive and productive including grasping this opportunity and platform lay to show your abilities & skills and make good positive change into the lives and welfare of the students within the college.

The position that has been entrusted to you is a privilege and an honour. Thus, I hope you will be able to do your best in whatever endeavours that you will be involved in and you shall take any challenges and difficulties that come your way with strides and courage

I believe and have faith in your abilities and your qualities. Therefore, I hope you will have the appropriate self-confidence and self-belief that I and the rest of KIGS’ Students truly need from you to improve and make affairs and matters pertaining to the students and the college itself to be much better. I hope all the Council work and contributions shall align and help to meet KIGS’ vision, mission and objectives

Welcome to the Council family and I wish you all the best.

Regina Goh
Students’ Council Coordinator
March 2018 - Present


Our vision is to become a global brand name in tertiary education focusing on Diploma, Foundation and Degree Programmes.

Our mission is to achieve excellence in meeting the educational needs and aspirations of Bruneian and International students.


  • To employ professionally qualified training staff committed to the needs of technical education and undergraduate Studies.
  • To develop an effective training system for students that is responsive and relevant to the needs of economic development.
  • To provide an upgraded physical environment.
  • To establish strong linkages with industry and institutions of higher learning at both local and international level.
  • To generate improved funding sources through college activities.
  • To provide a harmonious learning environment conducive to study.


Students may engage in the decision-making process in order to improve quality of life within KIGS. To achieve such purpose, students shall choose a representative body known as the Students’ Council, which shall have the following duties:

    1. Freely, professionally, and ethically express their opinion and recommendations related to the problems faced by students and the general college community to the appropriate college officials.
    2. Help provide a suitable intellectual environment that promotes the inner development of students
    3. Select a student representative who shall participate in several Ad hoc or permanent institutional committees.
    4. Keep a detailed register of all meetings through minutes particularly meetings among the Heads and Upper Posts of the Students’ Council.
    5. Each time the Council submits any type of request to the Administration, said request shall have attached a certified copy of the minutes that register the approved motion.
    6. Instruct students of their rights and duties.
    7. Aid in promoting and maintaining an institutional order pursuant to institutional rules and policies.
    8. Encourage a free exchange of ideas in an environment that promotes personal, intellectual, and professional development among students.
    9. Be a forum to the student council for the discussion and objective analysis of problems that affect the college community and to contribute to the search for solutions to such problems.
    10. Keep the Chief Executive Officer, the the rest of KIGS Management Team informed of its activities and furnish all information requested by KIGS.

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