Kolej International Graduate Studies

Centre of Achievement & Rewarding Experience

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Our Motto

(Last updated : 1st September 2017)


Centre of Achievement & Rewarding Experience

Students of KIGS are exposed to the workings of the industry with regularity though industry-linked projects, internship programmes, and discovery programmes. Apart from a fulfilling academic experience, KIGS also emphasises that students are studying in a rich socio-cultural environment. This allows the students and lecturers to mingle, thereby strengthening mutual understanding and fostering a more harmonious community in college. What a great opportunity for international students to gain cultural immersion into Brunei’s food, customs and culture!

For extra-curricular activities – the college can be epitomised as active in many tournaments such as Netball, Frisbee, Football Unicup, participating in enlightening activities in the Red Crescent Society, and outdoor activities such as hiking and Scouts. The college prioritises learning the roots of Brunei Darussalam’s culture traditional instruments by providing opportunities for learning Gulingtangan, and also to broaden students’ general knowledge about current events and popular culture through movie appreciation, art appreciation, theatre studies, language club, and so much more.

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