Kolej International Graduate Studies

Centre of Achievement & Rewarding Experience

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Mission & Vision

(Last updated : 1st December 2020)

Our vision is to become the first private educational institution awarding its own qualifications and its own diversified quality programmes to develop and empower the potentials of an individual by incorporating lifelong learning principles in pursuits of global developments and changes.

Our mission is to provide quality education and training programmes which are accessible and affordable to the Bruneian community and meet the individual as well as national aspirations.

The definitions of some key terms used in the statement are given below:

  • `quality` means the standard expected by industry and accreditation bodies
  • `accessible` means variety of pathways/articulation and delivery modes;
  • `affordable` means reasonable cost afforded by the Bruneian community;
  • `Individual aspirations` refers to the individual desire to achieve personal goals
  • `National aspirations` refers to the nation’s desire to achieve development goals

Our Strategic Goals

  • An effective teaching and learning system that is responsive and relevant to the socio-economic needs of the Country
  • An enhanced physical and technological environment that supports learning and teaching and R&D activities
  • An improved visibility, image and recognition of the institution locally and internationally
  • An effective and efficient system of administration and management
  • An effective financial management through revision of major financial processes and documentation improvements
  • An effective personnel policy with a strong commitment to excellence

Core Values Statement

The strategic foundation of the College is built based on the core values abbreviated as C.A.R.E. These core values are Commitment (dedication to fulfilling the needs of the communities), Accountability (assumption and demonstration of responsibility for actions, Respect (recognition of the expertise of all members of the college community and encouragement of individual contribution, and Excellence (striving to develop and pursue higher standards). The College is also emphasising and putting into practice the notion of CARE (Centre for Achievement and Rewarding Experience) in the institution’s daily activities for the students as well as the institutional staff.

KIGS Quality Policy

Kolej IGS, in our vision and mission, is committed to be the first private educational institution designing its own diversified quality programmes accessible and affordable to the Bruneian community and award its own qualifications.

At the centre of our activities, students have always been the primary focus particularly, in ensuring that the quality of learning experiences is appropriately designed to enable the students to achieve the international standards.

We will focus deliberate efforts at all times to meet or exceed student and other relevant interested party satisfaction and strive to achieve our vision and mission and contribute to the achievement of the Brunei Darussalam National Vision 2035 as well as fulfilling the aspiration of the KIGS founder legacy by:

  • Implementing the Institutional quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001, its review and enhancement in pursuit of continual improvement;
  • Complying with all applicable compliance obligations without any compromise especially those associated with professional and statutory regulatory bodies such as Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council (BNNAC), the Brunei Darussalam Qualification Framework (BDQF) and the compliance obligations of the collaborating institutions.
  • Practicing effective teaching and learning to foster students’ personal and professional development and to prepare them for careers in industry or entrepreneurship and advanced studies;
  • Establishing strategic goals and objectives consistent with the strategic plans and systematically monitoring and evaluating them;
  • Undertaking annual reviews of policies and procedures in academic as well as administrative areas of the Kolej;
  • Setting high standards of integrity and ethical conduct across all activities of Kolej IGS.

Chief Executive Officer
1 December 2020

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