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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the college before I apply?
The college is open throughout the year and you are most welcome to visit us at our Registry Department to learn more about the courses. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you during your visit!

What courses are available?
Currently the college runs various courses from Foundation to Degree level. Feel free to browse and explore our courses page to find out more.

Is it possible to do my studies on a part-time basis?
At the moment, the college does not offer any part-time studies as the programmes are conducted on a full time basis. However, for our degree course, students have the option to enroll as a Day or Night Student.

How do I apply?
Very easy! You can apply using any of the following steps:
1. Submit the application form online through our website, or
2. Email the application form to the college general email, or
3. Give us a call and our Registration staff would be glad to be an assistant to your queries

What are the college’s entry requirements?
• For our certificate programme a minimum of 2 O’ Level
• For our diploma programme a minimum of 4 O’Levels
• Four our degree foundation programme a minimum of 1 A’Level or 5O’Levels
• For our degree programme a minimum of 2 A’Levels or a diploma

Please refer to the courses page or call us at 2238701 during working hours (Monday till Thursday, Saturday – 8.30am till 5pm) for further information.

Who can I contact if I would like to know about my application status?
For online application status, please click the online enquiry and if you have applied directly through the Registry Department, please do give them a call at 2238701 during working hours

How and where can I pay the fees?
The tuition fees can be paid either on a monthly basis, per semester or per annum and all payment can be made at the Finance Department.

I’m interested in joining a sports or an activity club of some kind, do you have one?
Our ECA comprises vibrant activities, from cross-country running to DJ-ing, from aerobics to movie appreciation club. Students are welcomed to join any club of their interest to express individuality while enhancing learning opportunities such as co-operation skills which will come handy in life.

I lost my student ID card, what should I do?
Please get in touch with our Administration Department or IT Support to report the loss. Student will be responsible for the replacement fee for a new ID.

Who should I contact to get copies of my academic transcripts and certificate?
Do get in touch with our Registry Department or you can also reach them at 2238701 during working hours for assistances.
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