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Dress Code

The student dress code aims to guide students and ensure that when on campus they are appropriately attired at all times. This includes their presence on campus after office hours, during weekends and public holidays, semester breaks and during official KIGS functions. The right attire enhances one’s image, instils a sense of integrity and respect and demonstrates the MIB philosophy. This is essential in promoting a positive image of KIGS and is an important step towards propelling students onto successful careers.

Generally, student attire must adhere to the MIB principles and the following attire is permitted on campus.

1. Business type attire such as tailored shirts / trousers can be worn.
2. For female students, the business attire must abide by MIB principles.
3. Shirts and trousers must be loose fitting; shirts must have long sleeves and must be of the appropriate length to cover the back area (“menutup aurat”).
4. Messages, designs or motifs on any clothing, including footwear must not be derogatory, offensive or lewd either in words or pictures.
5. T-shirts should have collars. For female students, rule (ii) applies.
6. Male students are encouraged to wear the “Songkok” (Malay headdress).
7. Female students are encouraged to wear the “Baju Kurung”.
8. Muslim female students are required to wear the “tudung” (head scarf).
9. Any jewelry worn must comply with the MIB principles.
10. Sneakers should be decent.
11. Appropriate sports attire is allowed during sporting events or sessions.
12. Proper safety attire is to be worn at all times in the laboratory.

The following attire/ appearance is not permitted on campus.

1. Collar-less T-shirts, singlet, shorts.
2. Footwear such as slippers, flip-flops.
3. Bright unnatural hair colours such as pink, purple or blonde (when not naturally blonde).
4. Caps or other headwear deemed inappropriate and sunglasses
5. Leggings, tight trousers, faded and/or torn jeans.
6. For male students: Long hair - hair length must not to go beyond the shirt collar.

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