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Student Council

KIGS encourages student participation in college through the Student Council. The following regulations shall apply to the Student Councils to be in line with KIGS mission and regulation.

Overall duties and purposes of the student council

Students may engage in the decision-making process in order to improve quality of academic life within KIGS. To achieve such purpose, students shall choose a representative body known as the Student Council. Below, outlined in general, are their duties and responsibilities:
  • Be a forum for the discussion and objective analysis of problems that may affect the student community and to contribute to the search for solutions to such problems
  • Keep the Registrar and Head of Academic informed of its activities and furnish all information requested by the college
  • Be called upon to help out by providing manpower during school events – examples which are convocation ceremonies, sports days, gala nights, education fair, and more.
  • Maintain good academic results and exhibit decorum & professionalism, as student council members must embody and display good traits with the heavy responsibility to be dependable and respectable role models.

Elegibility & Inauguration

The followings are step by step guide for the eligibility and inauguration that are strictly required for a student to be elected to the Council unless objectively justified via the officially appointed Head of the Students’ Council Coordinator where criteria(s) have not been met.

  1. Provided there is a vacancy available, the said prospectus considered for a position within the Council itself shall have a self-willingness, desire and ambition to be part of the said Council itself.
  2. Part of being considered prior to being affirmed the said prospective student’s position within the Council is for the said appointed Students’ Council Coordinator to know the students’ well, carrying out a personal interview to have a clearer holistic idea and information regarding the said student.
  3. The said Students’ Council Coordinator is then to explain and disseminate to each one of the current Councilmen and Councilwomen regarding the said prospectus where a report of the said prospectus to be prepared to the President and Vice-President of the Students’ Council.
  4. The said prospectus is to have generally a good character, discipline and attitude with a minimum GPA of 2.5 from each and every semester that the said prospectus had attended. If said student is a new student, then an academic performance monitoring shall be carried out for the two (2) semesters within his/her first year studying in Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS).
  5. Upon agreement of Councilmen and Councilwomen of the said prospectus appointment, the said prospectus is to be offered a MAXIMUM of 3 months probationary period where the said prospectus shall be assessed his/her fit into the Council and its culture in terms of teamwork, abilities, contributions, pro-activeness, leadership qualities and aspirations.
  6. One week prior to the completion of the 3 months probationary period, a meeting shall be held between the Students’ Council Coordinator and all the Councilmen and Councilwomen to review the said prospectus and to reach a majority agreement in regards to installing the said prospectus permanently into the Council.
  7. Each Councilmen and Councilwomen are eligible to stay within the Council for as long as the term of within the study that he or she has till the maximum period of a month prior to his or her graduation from his or her course of study.
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