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Student Testimonial

The course has provided me with in-depth knowledge of the business world as well as on business-related matters that are relevant in this post-modernist era. Aside from the theoretical aspects of the course, the assignments and projects that were given have encouraged me not only to think critically but also to apply what I have learned in practice, while providing detailed analysis and findings. This in turn would further enhance my skills and abilities so I will be able to apply them in a work-related environment. Furthermore, group assignments and projects have given me the opportunity to work cohesively with individuals with various personalities and interests.
- Nurul Amal Khairunnina Athirah Muntassir, Bachelor of Business in Administration.

Business Administration course provided me with a better understanding of business issues and it provided me with broad knowledge of management. Business Administration typically includes courses in finance, accounting, information systems and technology, human resources, business and product management and etc. Therefore it provided me to have wide range of skills that allow me to work in various areas.
- Ang Siow Juin, Bachelor of Business in Administration.

The course provide me with various interdisciplinary skills and knowledge of the business environment with wide opportunities to develop functional expertise such as business strategies in term on applying various tools and concept in analysis for various situation in business. The course also allowed to explore how organizations are managed at the operational level such as on how to understand different level of skill and knowledge in the organization. In addition, the course also put emphasize on using available resources efficiently and effectively. It comprises of planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling an organization. It is also essential to include on how to think critically before making a right decision and have wide knowledge of corporate governance from different business industry. The course also provide an opportunity to integrate the knowledge on business and broaden the horizon and experience with new culture and environment through Global Classroom programme. Course lecturers were generally friendly and approachable and were more than willing to provide advice, guidance and assistance if required.
- Muhammad Ikhwan bin Haji Ali, Bachelor of Business in Administration.

I love attending KIGS because I am being challenged in ways I could never have imagined – to reach within myself to learn more, to become better and able to do unexpected things beyond my limits. Being a part-time student in KIGS I juggle family, school and a full time job, at times it can be overwhelming and exhausting but the faculty has been so incredibly encouraging and helpful and has gone to great lengths to help me achieve my goals. I can never be more blessed to be part of KIGS.
– Khadizah Yamin, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

My success is due to Allah S.W.T and the continuous support from my family. With the help of informative lecturers and good facilities provided by the institution, this fosters my curiosity to gain more knowledge and enhance my skills as a student. Moreover, the skills that I have gained will be put into good use for future employment. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to IGS for shaping the person who I am today.
– Hj Muhd Hadi Akmal, Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering with Multimedia.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity the Degree’s program has offered me. I look forward to taking my education and experience onto my next career path and Limkokwing (IGS) was one of the smartest choices I made.”
– Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering with Multimedia.

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