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Brunei’s KIGS students start Global University Campus programme at Limkokwing University

By : Mohd Hassanal Sirazroynie Bin Harethfardilah (Author)
Thirty-three students from the Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) in Brunei arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Sunday 9 April to start their two-week Global University Campus programme. In the next two weeks, the KIGS students will participate in various workshops, cultural visits and industry talks by experienced professionals. Limkokwing Global University Campus is an intensive on-campus programme that prepares students for overseas study and career advancement. In the programme, students are exposed to the latest trends and practices of global companies. They are taught practical approaches to solving and handling different problems and situations through project-based research. The programme will expose the students to Limkokwing University’s learning ecosystem and global networking opportunities. Thus students also get to network and liaise with top experts in their respective fields of study. The programme also focuses on the importance of innovation and creativity through personal, organisational and national transformation. Limkokwing University emphasises industry exposure for students as part of the University’s multicultural learning programme. This nurtures networking opportunities across various nationalities while providing practical experience for future graduates.

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