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Brunei Capital Market Association (BCMA) Investment Challenge 2018 roadshow briefing

By : Mohd Hassanal Sirazroynie Bin Harethfardilah (Author)
This investment challenge is organized by BCMA in collaboration with Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD), an initiative to promote investment awareness and knowledge about capital markets among students in the higher education institutions of Brunei. A group of 8 representatives from BCMA came to Kolej IGS on the 6th September for a roadshow briefing on Investment Challenge 2018. Amongst the guests speakers were the Chairman of BCMA, Haji Minorhadi bin Haji Mirhassan and the Secretary of BCMA, Brian Wong. The briefing includes the Challenge overview, judging criteria to qualify from Round 1, 2 and grand final, winning prizes of $ 4th runner up to champion, eligibility, registration as well as the key dates of challenge. It is hoped that many students from Kolej IGS would take the opportunity to participate in a 3-week buy and sell equities challenge from 1- 19 October 2018 and qualify for the next round of Top Ten Teams. Registration is from the 20th to 29th September.

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