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KIGS Internship Workshop July 2019

By : Muhammad Aizuddien Bin Abdullah (Moderator)
Thirteen students of Diploma Graphic Design Technology and Diploma Advertising Multimedia Broadcasting attended an Internship Workshop which was held at the Business Marketing Communication Centre (BMCC), Kolej IGS on the 25th of July 2019. The workshop was organized by the Faculty of General Studies of Kolej International Graduate Studies. Mr. Muhammad Syakirin bin Suhaimi the Faculty Head of the General Studies made his welcoming remarks. In his opening speech he highlighted the significance of possessing extra internship skills that will assist the audiences to excel and perform better in their workplace. Facilitated by lecturers Hana Maisarah binti Haji Johari and Haji Nasrul Fakhri bin Haji Yahya, The workshop is to assist the way of writing official reports and build on the Work Ethics, The importance of self-discipline and the concept of Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) at their workplace. At the end of the workshop the kolej registrar Pengiran Aziz bin Pengiran Haji Sabtu was invited for the certificate presentation ceremony.

Number of visitors : 805,704