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Internship Workshop

By : Muhammad Aizuddien Bin Abdullah (Web Admin)
The Faculty of General Studies (FGS) of the International Graduate Studies (Kolej IGS) once again conducted an Internship workshop for fourteen students. The workshop was scheduled for two days starting on the 19th of February 2020 to 20th of February 2020 at the Business Marketing Communication Centre (BMCC), Kolej IGS. The purpose of the workshop is to: - Improve students’ communication skills. - Boost up students’ public speaking skills. - Brush up the fundamental research skills of the students. - Enlighten the students with the working culture and ethics. Throughout the workshop period the students were assigned to carry out various activities such as team building and presentations. Every activity was designed to motivate and instill the confidence within the students prior to entering the real life working experience. The session was coordinated by the FGS lecturers. Prepared by Muhammad Nazahar Shah Bin Zakaria

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