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Event Archive

  • 5th July 2017

    Malam Mesra 2017 (Ended)

    Malam Mesra KIGS 8hb Julai 2017, Sabtu 7 Malam @ KIGS Lobby Blok Tengah, Kompleks Setia Kenangan Tema: Warna Nostalgia Tiket: $3.00 Student $5.00 Lecturer dan Staff ...read more

  • 14th June 2017

    Khatam Al-Quran, Tahlil Ceremony & Presentation of Eid Al-Fitr Donation

    Khatam Al-Quran, Tahlil Ceremony & Presentation of Eid Al-Fitr Donation at KIGS lobby on 15 June 2017...read more

  • 30th May 2017

    Ramadhan Mubarak

    We at KIGS wishes to all Muslims Ramadhan Mubarak....read more

  • 16th May 2017

    Artist Showcase & Exhibition in collaboration with Brunei Art Association

    Artist showcase & exhibition in collaboration with Brunei Art Association will be held at KIGS Art Gallery from 17th of May 2017 onwards. The gallery will be open from 8.30am to 4.30pm....read more

  • 4th May 2017

    KIGS Mini Bazaar (Ended)

    KIGS Mini Bazaar happening today until 11th of May at KIGS Theater Hall starting from 12 noon to 4pm! Come and buy our delicious food made by our students!...read more

  • 27th April 2017

    Kris Karmila Tekad Tour at KIGS

    Attention to all students this Saturday 29th April we will have an inspirational talk from our local talent Kris Karmila. The event will start at 2.30pm at Theater Hall. Please do attend! Guaranteed it's talk you won't want to miss! See you there!...read more

  • 23rd March 2017

    First Leadership Workshop for Students' Council

    To all KIGS STUDENTS' COUNCILMEN and COUNCILWOMEN, The Leadership workshop for all KIGS' Students' Council (SC) MEMBERS will be held on the 25th and 27th March 2017 from 8am to 5pm. A lot of teambuilding and leadership activities are prepared to help you learn and develop in terms of working and problem...read more

  • 22nd March 2017

    ECA Clubs Registration!

    KIGS ECA Clubs will open its registration on April 5th! From 9am to 1130am! Come and register and enjoy the excitement of ECA! #pendidikanbrunei...read more

  • 22nd March 2017

    KIGS Orientation Week!

    Excited to see your new friends and lecturers? Can't wait to start your college life? Don't miss the fun at KIGS Orientation Week! It is happening from March 28 to 30. The time will be from 8am to 5pm. See you all there! ...read more

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